About Us

Who is Iron Leaf Cannabis Co?

Formerly Highstreet Cannabis, Iron Leaf Cannabis Co is a medical and recreational Cannabis delivery company in Edmonton Alberta. We offer 1 hour Cannabis Delivery anywhere in Edmonton and 2 Hour Delivery Anywhere in Edmonton's Outlying Regions.. Our focus is on one of Customer Service and Product Quality. We put a huge amount of effort into our Dispatching and Customer service team to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best service available in the Marijuana Industry.  As Medical Marijuana users ourselves we know the struggles of trying to buy overpriced (and lesser quality products) from some of the licensed dispensaries... While on the same token, have tried a number of the competitive Weed Delivery Companies in Edmonton. We found that most Weed Delivery companies operate like old school Weed Dealers slinging weed out off their trunk.  It was horribly unprofessional and service was slow, albeit the products were still alot better than what you would find at the Licensed Dispensaries.

We don't believe that you should be forced to buy lesser quality products from the dispensary when there are so many generational Cannabis Farmers that offer products far beyond the quality available from the licensed retailers.  It is for this reason that we go through an extensive vetting system before we include any products on our shelves. Iron Leaf Cannabis Co 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Edmonton sources our products directly from Generational Farmers in the lower mainland of British Columbia. This allows us to offer a very expansive product spread based on all budgets without sacrificing a ton of quality.