EXTREME COLD Operation Changes

Dear Valued Client,

Due to the extreme cold weather we are having, and out of concern for our drivers safety, we are temporarily making some minor changes to our operations in order to continue providing you with your products. Below are some of the changes that we are temporarily making.

  1.  1 Hour Delivery Timeline has been suspended: until the weather breaks, we will be having our crews do orders in batches and then returning home to warm up before going out and doing another batch. We are now operating under "SAME DAY DELIVERY". You will get your order the same day that you place it, we will of course try to get it to you as fast as possible, however this may not always be possible.  If you are unable to be at home to recieve it, we can leave the order in a place of your choosing, just tell us where in your order Comments. You will still get SMS notifications when the driver is on the way and when they have dropped the order.
  2. Payment Method Change: As we are trying to limit the time spent outside with our drivers and our clients, we are restricting payment methods to Payment Link or Cash. This will limit fumbling around with cold debit machines in the cold with the risk of potential frostbite.
    1. Payment Link: is a service offered by our Credit Card processor, Stripe. They are an industry standard payment Goliath and is one of the most secure ways to process payment online. When you pay by payment link, none of your personal information or your card info is given to us, everything is handled solely by Stripe and is kept secure and inaccessable to our staff.
    2. Cash: The drivers do not carry change, so if you would like to pay cash, please ensure you have exact change to give to the drivers.
  1. Hours of Operation: We are only running during daylight hours - dependant on the weather. Once the temperature starts to drop substantially again, we will finish the current orders we have accepted and will not be delivering any more for the day. Please keep an eye on the Main Website Header Image to see if we are currently accepted orders, or if we are closed.

We thank you for your patience and your continued loyalty. We will do our best to accomodate as best we can given the weather. As soon as the weather breaks, we will be returning to normal operations.

Stay Warm!

Iron Leaf Management