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Do not re-register. All you need to do is click on the  "Forgot Password" link and enter the same email address that you used on our old site. You will then recieve an email with which walk you through resetting your password. Once complete, you're ready to rock and roll!

Important Registration Notes:

  1. After clicking "Register" you will need to verify both your email and your phone number. This ensures that our messages regarding your delivery arrival time, order status changes and Important Account Notifications make it to you. These messages come via SMS (Text Message) and Email, depending on the urgency of the message.
    1. Email Verification: within 1-2 minutes you should recieve and email that will have a link within it to click. Simply click on that link to verify. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, make sure to check Spam, Promotional, Clutter or Junk, sometimes our messages get caught in filters.
    2. Phone Verification: you will be sent a OTP (one time password) code. Once you enter it into the registration form when prompted your number will be verified.

If you try and login and recieve the message "Your Account has been disabled, contact an Admin" it probably means that either your email address or phone hasnt been verified.  The Link in your email is valid for 1 hour. If it has been longer than that, reach out to Customer Service via Chat and they can resend you the email verification.

Age & Address Verification:

We take age verification very seriously and are dilligent to ensure that our products never go to minors. Our Verfication process not only protects minors but it also ensures the Safety or our Staff and drivers.

  1. Selfie: One of the steps we ask is that you send a selfie of yourself holding your valid government issued Photo ID next to your face so that we can clearly see both to our Customer Service team. This ensures that the person placing the order is actually you and someone isnt using your ID.
  2. Address: If your delivery address does not match the address on your Photo ID, we may require a Utility Bill, Lease Agreement or another document or form of ID that shows both Your Name and your Delivery Address. 

These 2 items are mandatory and we will be unable to deliver to you without being verified. The safety of our Clients and our Staff is Paramount and it always comes first. Please reach out to Customer Service if you need assistance with registering. We are always here to help.

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