2 Hour Weed Delivery in Fort Saskatchewan

Iron Leaf Cannabis Co is Fort Saskatchewan's Premiere Weed and Edibles Delivery Company.

 We are proud to offer the Fastest Weed Deliveryand Fastest Edibles delivery service in Fort Saskatchewan Ab.

Who is Iron Leaf Cannabis Co and do they deliver Weed to Fort Sask?

Iron Leaf Cannabis is a medical and recreational Cannabis delivery company in Edmonton Alberta. We offer 1 hour Cannabis Delivery within Edmonton City Limits and 2 Hour Delivery anywhere in Fort Saskatchewan. Our focus is on one of Customer Service and Product Quality. We put a huge amount of effort into our Dispatching and Customer service team to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best service available in the Marijuana Industry.  As Medical Marijuana users ourselves we know the struggles of trying to buy overpriced (and lesser quality products) from the legal dispensaries... While on the same token, have tried a number of the competitive Weed Delivery Companies in Fort Saskatchewan. We found that most Weed Delivery companies operate like old school Weed Dealers sligning weed out off their trunk.  It was horribly unprofessional, service was slow even though the products were still alot better than what you would find at the Legal Dispensaries.

We don't believe that you should be forced to buy lesser quality products fromt he dispensary when there are so many generational Cannabis Farmers that offer products far beyond the quality available from the licensed retailers.  It is for this reason that we go through an extensive vetting system before we include any products on our shelves. Iron Leaf Cannabis 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Fort Saskatchewan sources our products directly from Generational Farmers in the lower mainland of British Columbia. This allows us to offer a very expansive product spread based on all budgets without sacrificing a ton of quality.

Weed Products Sold and Delivered to Fort Saskatchewan
  • Exotic and Kraft Cannabis:
    • In Fort Saskatchewan, flower has always been our top focus.  At Highstreet Fort Sask we are focused on sourcing the best quailty Flower products directly from the farmers in Beautiful British Columbia. We are not just focused on bringing in the best quality and most expensive flower on the market, but instead, listening to our clients and sourcing the proper spread for their needs.  Amongst our flower offerings you will find everything from "Budget" or "Entry Level" flower all the way upto some of the best quality Exotic and Kraft Strains in Fort Sask.  We understand that times are tough and our clients need access to good quality and affordable medicine delivered to their door in 1 hour or less.
  • Cannabis Infused Edibles:
    • Weed Infused Edibles are one of our most high volume products. Looking to unwind after a long day, relax and quench your sweet tooth? We have the best selection of Infused Chocolate Bars, Infused Gummies and other homestyle type snacks that are not only guaranteed to taste great, but will also take you to another planet if you so wish. 
  • THC Infused Vape Carts and Pens:
    • We have Partnered with Sovrin Extracts and Fusion Leaf Boutique Cannabis to provide our clients with the cleanest and most potent Vape carts available.  Made with 96% pure THC Distillate you will notice from your first puff that our carts hit hard. You get the best bang for your buck on 0.8g and 1.0g THC Vape carts in Fort Sask.
  • Cannabis Concentrates
    • Apart from Infused Edibles, Gummies, and Vape carts we also carry a huge selection of Shatter, Diamonds, Live Resin and Grapes. No matter what your poison is, you can reset assured that everthing on our shelves has gone through rigourous testing to ensure quality and client satisfaction
Why choose Iron Leaf Cannabis 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Fort Saskatchewan

With the legal Cannabis landscape changing every day, we know that there are alot of options to choose from as your supplier.  We have already given you a few of the reasons that set us apart from rest, but here are a couple more:

  • Customer Service
    • Our focus right since day 1 has always been to offer the best customer service.  Yes, I know that everyone says this.. but if you look at our reviews, they speak for themselves.  We spend a tremendous amount of time training our Customer Service Team, our Dispatch Team, Management and Drivers to ensure that at every step of your journey you will be met with the best possible service.  Dispatch also has a direct line to the management team, so if you have any questions, comments or concerns just open up a chat with Dispatch and we will guarantee that we will give you the best service you have had.
  • Loyalty Program
    • Our Highstreet VIP Rewards Program gives you points on all of your everyday purchases.  As you accumulate these points you can redeem them at any time of your choosing to save you even further on our Flower and Infused Products.
  • We Care about our cilents
    • At Iron Leaf Cannabis, you are never a number with us. Our team strives to build strong, long lasting relationships with all of our clients. We put people first before profits - every minute, of every day.
Our Service Area

Iron Leaf Cannabis 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Fort Sask. also includes all of our surrounding areas, such as:

  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Leduc, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in St. Albert, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Spruce Grove, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Stony Plain, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Devon, Alberta.
  • 1 Hour Weed Delivery in Beaumont, Alberta.
  • any all of our smaller towns and villages.