Pipes, Bongs and Grinders

Broke your bong? Need a Pipe in a Hurry? Sick of your old tired Grinder? We've got you covered. No matter what you need, we've always got your back. Highstreet Cannabis is Edmonton's fastest 1 hour delivery service.

The ONGROK 4pc EZ Grinder features a unique 1/4 turn system for easy open/closing, with deeper chambers for optimal herb storage. With 33 triangular shaped teeth, you can enjoy a medium to fine grind with minimal effort. The grinder also comes with a handy guitar pick and cleaning brush.
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Famous for their refillable gas and replaceable flint. Clipper lighters. Clippers are made in Spain, each lighter is made from a super-strong nylon material and incorporated with recycled materials to provide a more eco-friendly product, which won't crack and explode in the sun like cheap...
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