Timewreck (AAA+)

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About Timewreck

You don't win at the High Times Cannabis Cup for nothing, and with a powerful high and awesome flavors, Timewreck certainly earned her way up the ranks. Bred by TGA Subcool Seeds by crossing Vortex and Blood Wreck, this sativa-dominant bud has become somewhat of a legend. Both medical and recreational users have made Timewreck one of their go-to buds, and for a very good reason.

High THC levels aren't hard to find these days, but Timewreck takes the cake with a 25% average that ensures a great experience with each and every smoke. Nugs are very dense and dark in color, with purple leaves and a thick layer of resin that covers her frosty trichomes. A complex set of flavors and aromas awaits, with a strong note of sour fruit that's offset by lemon, lime, pear, and sandalwood of all things.

Say goodbye to your morning cup of coffee and welcome Timewreck into your life as your new pre-work ritual. This strain is overflowing with massive amounts of energy and can put some pep into your step without making you feel overwhelmed. A sensation of extreme happiness will overtake you and you'll notice that your creative side begins to come to life. After a while, a delicate body buzz will accompany your cerebral impulses, making this strain one that's well-rounded and incredibly appealing.

Due to her high THC levels, it's no surprise that Timewreck is great for treating a range of medical ailments. Because she's so positive in nature, individuals who suffer from depression or stress are likely to turn to this bud first. Watch as your cares melt away into a sea of bliss, and enjoy hours of energy as issues of fatigue vanish. Other conditions including nausea or generalized bodily pain, including cramps or headaches, can also be aided by this special bud.

Newer users may be enticed by this powerful flower, but use caution before you join forces with Timewreck. A little bit goes a long way, and while her effects are nothing but positive, too much of a good thing is still too much. Experienced smokers will love what this strain does for them on even the most stressful of days, so make sure to toke early enough in the morning so that you're not left awake for hours on end at night.

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Very relaxing yet energetic high that turns into an indica high at the end of the high leaving you with a lingering cerebral bliss
Really didn't see any, great quality, aroma, and high!
overall my new second favourite strain!
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