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The Ube Dream Doughnut

Indulge in The Ube Dream: A Cannabis-Infused Delight At Iron Leaf Cannabis Co., we're thrilled to introduce a new addition to our cannabis-infused edible lineup: The Ube Dream. This unique doughnut offers the perfect blend of delicious ube flavor and premium cannabis, creating a one-of-a-kind treat that you won't find anywhere else. In this blog post,...

The Snow Cap, Cannabis Infused Doughnut

Iron Leaf's Cannabis Bake Shop

Discover the Freshness of Iron Leaf’s Cannabis Bake Shop Are you looking for the ultimate cannabis-infused baked goods in Edmonton? Look no further than Iron Leaf’s Cannabis Bake Shop! We are proud to be Edmonton's only cannabis bakery, offering freshly baked, made-to-order pastries infused with premium cannabis. Why Choose Iron Leaf's Cannabis...


Important Update: Transitioning from SMS Support to Live Chat

We have an important update to share with you regarding how we communicate with our Iron Leaf Cannabis Co community. A Shift in Communication Channels In recent times, we have navigated through an unexpected challenge. It has come to our attention that phone companies are implementing stringent policies, which include banning phone numbers that...

Welcome to IronLeaf Cannabis

Unlocking Convenience and Speed: Why Choose IronLeaf Cannabis Co for Your Weed Delivery

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, convenience and speed have become paramount for consumers seeking a seamless shopping experience. IronLeaf Cannabis Co stands as a pioneer, revolutionizing the game by offering 1-hour delivery, a service that sets them apart from the competition. Unlike dispensaries or same-day delivery services, IronLeaf Cannabis...

Ironleaf Cannabis Logo

A New Leaf: Embracing Change as IronLeaf Cannabis Co Blossoms from Highstreet Cannabis Co

At IronLeaf Cannabis Co, we're excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey. We're transitioning from Highstreet Cannabis Co to IronLeaf Cannabis Co, a change that represents an exciting new chapter for us and our valued customers. In this blog post, we want to share the details of our rebranding and assure you that this transition will...


Effortless Weed Delivery in Edmonton: Unleash Convenience with IronLeaf Cannabis Co

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, IronLeaf Cannabis Co emerges as the ultimate destination for effortless weed delivery in Edmonton. Our commitment to providing top-notch service, an extensive product selection, and lightning-fast delivery sets us apart from the rest. Discover the convenience and satisfaction of having premium cannabis...


Highstreet Cannabis is now Iron Leaf Cannabis

We are very proud to announce that we have changed our name from Highstreet Cannabis Co to Iron Leaf Cannabis Co! What does this mean for you? Website :  Our website and URL has changed  to the new name.  However  the old URL ( will  automatically  forward you to the new URL when we make...


Ordered donkey breath and was TOTALLY disappointed,opened one bud to find not just a few but a ton of small SEEDS,AAAA 28% and they have nothing that’s even close to replace. I have been with them since the beginning and it was fantastic until a year or so ago, but now not so much

Excellent service from driver,impressive leaf thank you

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